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Best Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomads in Puglia

In a region where the Mediterranean breeze kisses the Adriatic Sea, where history and culture intertwine with the everyday life of its people, Puglia stands as a hidden gem for the digital nomad. If are a seeker of adventure, innovation, and connection while you work, you’ve probably wondered where to lay your laptop in this enchanting Italian haven. Puglia, known more for its ancient olive groves and historic towns, might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think about innovation and startup culture. But fret not, fellow tech founders and digital innovators, for we’re about to embark on a journey through the co-working spaces of Puglia, where the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity blossoms beneath the sun-soaked skies. Let’s put aside the pasta plates and uncover the workspaces where the creativity, charm, and connectivity of this region seamlessly merge with the daily grind of the modern remote worker. Welcome to the heart and soul of the digital nomad experience in Puglia, where co-working and collaboration meet the unique essence of Italy’s “heel.”

While Puglia may not be on everyone’s radar as a hub for startups and innovation, the region has been quietly making strides in creating spaces that cater to the needs of the modern workforce. With the rise of remote work and a global community of digital nomads, co-working spaces have sprouted across Puglia, offering more than just a desk and a chair. Here, you’ll find innovation hubs tucked away in historic towns, where the past collides with the future. These spaces are more than just a place to work; they’re a community of like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs, and creatives, drawn to Puglia by the promise of inspiration and collaboration in one of Italy’s most captivating landscapes.



In Bari, Aulalab presents a dynamic tech coworking space alongside practical online courses in cutting-edge technologies. This expansive 1000 m2 coworking center, conveniently situated just 10 minutes from the train station, fosters a lively community that attracts web developers, freelancers, and tech enterprises. It offers a secure, high-speed broadband environment suitable for nurturing entrepreneurial concepts or scaling startups, while also facilitating connections with like-minded professionals in the IT and industry 4.0 sectors. Aulalab extends flexible options, including daily desk reservations, unlimited access plans, and team workstations, supplemented by accessible meeting room facilities. Beyond providing a creative workspace, joining Aulalab opens doors to a broader professional network and offers practical online courses, such as full-stack development (e.g., observability stack devs) and generative AI.

Impact Hub Bari

Impact Hub Bari, a dynamic co-working space, has garnered praise from professionals in Puglia. It offers innovation and a strategic location close to the sea and Bari’s city center. While minor issues like internet speed and air conditioning are noted, Impact Hub Bari remains a vibrant hub for creativity and collaboration. With versatile meeting facilities, it’s a top choice for events and networking. This community-driven space balances work and play, making it a standout option for digital nomads and professionals looking for a dynamic workspace in Puglia.


DigithON Inventor Lab

Although not a coworking space, DigithON is Italy’s premier annual digital innovation event. This notable startup competition provides a platform for startups and entrepreneurs to present their digital projects directly to a diverse audience, including investors, corporations, and banks. Throughout the year, DigithON hosts networking events that promote connections and collaboration within the digital ecosystem.

The event encompasses a wide array of program highlights, including categories like Game & Entertainment, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Media, Music, Robotics, Health & Wellness, Tourism, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Cross-Idea, Culture & Education, eCommerce & Logistics, Fintech & ePayments, and Food & Agriculture. Through these initiatives, DigithON serves as a vibrant hub for digital innovation and entrepreneurship in Italy.



Sellalab Lecce is a thriving innovation hub in the heart of Lecce. It’s a space where professionals, digital experts, startups, and innovators come together to connect, collaborate, and seize new business opportunities. With community at its core, members can tap into a vast network of like-minded individuals and innovative companies. High-speed Wi-Fi and a variety of workstations, meeting rooms, classrooms, and event spaces cater to diverse needs.

For businesses, Sellalab Lecce offers services in open innovation, design strategy, accelerator programs, and fostering an innovation-driven culture. The hub also supports digital transformation, helping companies seize opportunities in the evolving digital landscape. Italian SMEs can join the OpenPMI program, a four-month initiative that encourages innovative solutions and explores new business opportunities. Don’t miss your chance to join this dynamic innovation ecosystem.


Artem, located in the historic Castromediano Museum in Lecce, embraces “Dream, create, inspire.” It’s a hub for creative thinkers and cultural growth. Founded by Sara and Matteo, Artem combines social innovation and work-life balance, catering to professionals, startups, freelancers, and anyone looking to transform ideas into reality. Artem offers ergonomic workstations, private offices for businesses, and meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 10 people for presentations and commercial meetings. It also provides consulting for business ideas, grants, and financial resources, and hosts learning workshops, seminars, and courses. The coworking space fosters collaboration, creativity, and personal growth in an inspiring setting within a historical museum.

Molo 12

Explore Molo 12, a vibrant coworking space in Lecce, offering high-speed Wi-Fi, flexible workspace options, and a collaborative community for professionals. The space provides 24-hour access and various workspace choices, including open spaces, private offices, and meeting rooms. It fosters networking and collaboration opportunities, enabling connection with like-minded professionals and expand your horizons. It has been the venue for Startup Weekend Lecce in the past years.

Molo 12 also offers essential amenities like a post office service and a relaxing break area. It’s a dynamic, supportive environment that values community and innovation. Be part of this thriving ecosystem, engage in networking events, and experience a workspace that’s more than just a place to work.

Knos Manufactures

Knos Manufactures, situated in Lecce, is a vibrant hub for creative professionals and social innovators, offering a collaborative environment for a variety of activities, from training to artistic expression. The facility provides shared spaces, workshops, and equipment, fostering active citizenship and knowledge sharing.

At Knos, there’s a wide range of activities, from theater rehearsals to climbing walls. They host exhibitions, markets, and cultural festivals, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Knos promotes sustainability through Ciclofficina Popolare, allowing self-repair of bikes with recycled parts. For creative minds, there’s a FabLab for 3D printing and a Tailoring area. The space even caters to children with sporting, theatrical, and circus activities.

Knos Manufactures supports a green lifestyle, critical consumption, and fosters a strong sense of community. It’s a place where innovative ideas come to life.


SIPARIO Social Coworking

Sipario Social Coworking, located in Galatina, Lecce, is a dynamic professional community sharing a fully-equipped workspace. They offer flexible membership options, including daily, monthly, and annual plans, along with dedicated workstations, some with personal storage.

Sipario’s core emphasis is on networking and bridging the gap between education and the professional world. With reliable high-speed Wi-Fi, a comfortable work environment, and a collaborative ethos, it’s an ideal choice for professionals in the Galatina area. Their reviews often commend their exceptional internet connectivity, welcoming ambiance, and responsive staff, making Sipario a prime destination for individuals seeking an efficient and community-driven coworking experience.


M23 Digital Coworking

M23 Digital Coworking, established through collaboration between Weave Srl and the municipal administration of Melpignano, offers a collaborative workspace for professionals and businesses seeking innovation and interaction. Located in the vibrant Municipality of Melpignano, M23 is the host of Google HashCode competition as well as a participating member of the Puglia Galatticca project.

With 30 workstations equipped with fiber internet, a relaxation corner, and available reception services from 9 am to 7 pm, M23 caters to individual professionals and companies alike. The space promotes networking and collaboration, facilitating unprecedented projects thanks to the diverse expertise of its users.


Boho 21 Coworking & Creative Hub

Boho21, a unique coworking and production studio, is redefining the workspace experience. Nestled in the heart of Tricase, Italy, within the enchanting XVII-century Palazzo Gallone, Boho21 offers a versatile and inspiring environment for digital nomads and remote workers. This unconventional workspace has garnered praise for its stunning visual appeal, featuring multiple open rooms that can be used when unoccupied, including the majestic adjacent reception room.

Boho21 goes beyond being a conventional coworking space; it’s a cultural hub that welcomes all seekers of creativity and art. Rooted in the Bohemian spirit, it encourages a profound appreciation for the multifaceted beauty of life and creates a home for digital nomads. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to work in a historic, culturally rich location with a unique blend of work and culture.

Martina Franca

SPAZIO62 Business Center & Coworking

Spazio62 is a dynamic coworking facility in Martina Franca, Italy, offering diverse workspaces to meet varying business needs. These include private offices, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, and event spaces. Clients appreciate the exceptional service, reliable internet, and welcoming environment. Spazio62 stands out for its functional and customizable spaces that balance autonomy and collaboration. Moreover, its pricing is competitive and all-inclusive, making it accessible to a broad range of budgets. Workspaces are ready for immediate use, and you pay only for the time you need. Spazio62 is a pioneering hub for coworking in Valle d’Itria, Puglia, serving digital nomads and hybrid workers. It fosters a sense of community and professional growth. Join Spazio62 to experience top-quality coworking in Martina Franca.


Login Hub

Login Hub, situated in Taranto, Puglia, offers a diverse array of flexible workspace solutions. Whether you need coworking spaces, fully-furnished offices, well-appointed meeting rooms, or domiciliation services, they’ve got you covered. Their facilities boast high-speed optic fiber internet, providing an excellent environment for productivity. You can choose from flexible workspaces, meeting rooms, and conference rooms, making it perfect for client meetings, workshops, or training sessions. The best part is the flexibility—access is available for as little as one hour or for more long-term arrangements. They also provide virtual office services, legal domiciliation, operational domiciliation, and postal domiciliation, ensuring your business has a professional address and the administrative support it needs. All this makes Login Hub an adaptable and excellent choice for your workspace requirements, and it’s an ideal space for networking, event hosting, and professional development.


Coco Hub

Cocohub is a dynamic coworking space that fosters innovation and collaboration among entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals. We provide a range of versatile workspaces, including nine fully equipped private offices with 24/7 access and meeting room usage, twelve dedicated desks with common area access and meeting room privileges, and two meeting rooms along with an event space for presentations. We even offer a shooting studio for efficient photo shoots and a relaxing roof garden to unwind and contemplate. Our relaxation area and bar provide a space to recharge and refocus. Our diverse community of talented individuals represents various backgrounds and talents, creating a rich environment for idea exchange and professional growth. With 2800 sqm of space, Cocohub is a hub for innovation and collaboration, where professionals and startups can thrive and bring their projects to life.

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So, fellow adventurers, while Puglia might be famous for its culinary delights and historic sites, it’s also a region that’s quietly fostering innovation, creativity, and collaboration. These co-working spaces, tucked away in the charming towns and cities of Puglia, are where the spirit of the modern nomad thrives, where startups are taking root, and where innovation finds its place beneath the warm Italian sun. It’s time to close your laptop, venture out, and discover a Puglia beyond the guidebooks—one that’s inviting, innovative, and ready to welcome you with open arms.

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