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How to turn on utilities in Italy

Setting up utilities in Italy is a crucial step when moving to a new home, and understanding the process can make it much easier. There are two primary methods for getting your electricity, gas, and water connected, depending on your situation. Other than that, all you need is your Codice Fiscale, a passport and an European Bank account (doesn’t have to be Italian) to set up direct deposit. Unless you are lucky and have a newer house/ apartment, turning on utilities is a very time consuming process with in-person visits and often problems that arises and need to be solved. So wait until you arrive or havce someone that really like you to help you get a head start.

Account Transfer (Voltura)

The easiest way to set up your utilities is through a process called “voltura,” which is an account transfer. This method is ideal if you have access to a previous utility bill from the former owner or tenant of your property. First, you need to obtain a copy of their latest utility bill, which contains essential details such as the account number, meter number, and service address. Once you have this, you can choose a utility provider. While Enel is one of the largest providers, there are several others you can consider based on your location and preferences. After selecting your provider, you need to submit the previous bill along with your personal information, such as identification and contact details, and your billing information, like bank account details for direct debits. Once your application is submitted, the utility provider will process the transfer, which typically takes a few days. You will receive confirmation once the transfer is complete, and your utilities will be active under your name.

Setting up a new account

If you cannot obtain a previous utility bill, you can still set up your utilities by applying for a new account. The first step is to locate the meter numbers for your gas and electricity meters, which are usually displayed on the meters themselves. Note these numbers down, as they are essential for the application process. With your meter numbers ready, you can apply for a new utility account either online or by visiting a local office of your chosen provider. Most utility providers offer online application services on their websites, where you can fill in the required information, including your personal details, meter numbers, and billing information. Alternatively, visiting a local Enel office can often expedite the process, as speaking to a representative in person ensures that all your questions are answered immediately. After submitting your application, the utility provider will process your request. This method may take slightly longer than the “voltura” method, but you will be notified once your account is set up, and your utilities will then be activated.

POD Number – Electric

The POD (Point of Delivery) is the identification code of the electricity supply and serves to identify the energy withdrawal point throughout the national territory The POD: always starts with IT it is an alphanumeric code made up of 14 characters. This number is always digitally displayed on the meter by cycling through the button. On the meter it could be 15 characters long, but just consider the first 14. This number does not change even if you change electricity supplier. If the supply is already active you will find it on the bill.

To find the POD code of your electricity user, press the electricity meter button: you will be shown the whole code or only the final eight digits (depending on the meter model). If your counter shows only the last eight digits, just prefix them with “IT001E” to get the full POD.

PDR Number – Gas

The PDR (Redelivery Point) is the code that identifies the gas supply. The PDR: consists of 14 numeric characters it doesn’t change even if you change the gas supplier If the supply is already active you will find it on the bill. The meter serial number is the unique code that identifies the meter. Generally made up of 6-8 digits, it is usually marked on the meter on a tag. These tags are absolutely a nightmare to read. If you are lucky and have a new meter, you might be aobut to get it to display the PDR number digitally.

What is the Committed Power of the Enel Meter?

The committed power (also known as contractual or requested power) of the Enel meter or other providers is the level of power indicated in the supply contract. Each customer, at the time of concluding a contract, requests the committed power they need based on their requirements. The choice of power depends on the type and number of electrical appliances typically used.

By default you get 2kw for you electric meter. You an request more in 0.5 kW increments for domestic users. In other words, a domestic user can opt for a power level of 4 or 3.5 kW. For values above 4.5 kW, Sometimes more work is involved but it is possible to go up to 10kW. So, if a higher power is needed to meet greater needs (for example, if the power frequently trips), you can request a power change directly from Enel online and a technician will come get you sorted. Note, having more power committed beyond 2KW will increase your monthly fix cost linearly.

What about water?

In many condominiums in Italy, water is typically included in the condominium fees, so individual residents do not need to set up a separate water account. To access water in your apartment, simply locate the master valve and turn it on to get the water running. If your condominium does not include water in the fees, you will need to apply for a new connection with the local water provider. In Puglia, this is Aquedotto Pugliese This process involves gathering necessary documents such as proof of identity, tax code, and proof of residence, then contacting the provider to fill out an application form, and submitting it either online, by email, or in person. Once the application is processed, a technician may visit to take an initial meter reading and activate the service.


Understanding these methods can simplify the process of setting up utilities in Italy. Whether you opt for the “voltura” method with a previous utility bill or start fresh with a new account using your meter numbers, both approaches are designed to get you connected efficiently. By choosing the method that best suits your situation, you can ensure a smooth transition to your new home in Italy.

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