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Cheapest way to ship things between Italy and the USA

When it comes to shipping items between Italy and the USA, you have several options to choose from, each with its own advantages and pricing considerations. Whether you’re sending personal belongings, packages, or even considering a full-scale international move, this guide will help you navigate the various shipping services available and estimate the costs involved. We’ll categorize the options into mail services, courier services, freight management services, and other specialized providers.

Mail Services

United States Postal Service (USPS)

USPS offers international shipping options, including Priority Mail International and Priority Mail Express International. Pricing for USPS Priority Mail International starts at around $30 for a small flat-rate box and increases based on package size and weight. USPS Priority Mail Express International starts at approximately $45 and is faster but more expensive.

Poste Italiane (Italian Postal Service)

Poste Italiane provides various international shipping services. Pricing varies depending on the service chosen, package size, and weight. For reference, sending a small package from Italy to the United States via Poste Italiane can start at around €15-€20.

Courier Services


UPS provides international shipping options, including UPS Worldwide Express and UPS Worldwide Saver. Pricing varies based on package size, weight, and service level. Rates for small packages can start at around $65 or higher.


DHL offers international shipping services, such as DHL Express Worldwide. Pricing is determined by package size, weight, and shipping speed. Rates for small packages can begin at approximately $70 or more.

Freight Services

Rainier Overseas

Rainier Overseas offer options for shipping larger loads, such as household goods and furniture. Rates for shipping a 20-foot container (FCL) can start at approximately $2,500 to $4,500 or more.

Schumacher Cargo Logistics

Schumacher Cargo Logistics offers a range of international shipping and moving services. Rates for shipping a 20-foot container with personal belongings from the US to Italy may start at approximately $2,500 to $4,000 or more.

International Movers Network

International Movers Network provides comprehensive international relocation and shipping services. Rates for shipping from the US to Italy can vary depending on the size of the shipment, shipping method, and additional services.

Shipping Marketplaces and Comparison Sites

Platforms like Parcel Monkey, and uShip allow you to compare rates from multiple carriers. Pricing can vary widely, and discounts may be available through these platforms.

Other Specialized Providers

Send My Bag

Send My Bag specializes in shipping luggage and personal belongings worldwide.Rates for shipping luggage or personal items from the US to Italy can vary but may start at around $150 to $250 for a standard suitcase.

U Pack We Ship

uPakWeShip offers international shipping and moving services for both small shipments and larger household goods. They provide various shipping options and container sizes to accommodate different needs. Rates for shipping from the US to Italy with uPakWeShip can vary based on factors such as shipment size, container type, origin, destination, and additional services.


Please note that these are approximate starting rates, and the actual cost of shipping will depend on specific details such as package size, weight, origin, destination, and additional services. Additionally, consider any customs duties, taxes, or import fees that may apply to your international shipments.

To get precise quotes and choose the best shipping option for your needs, it’s advisable to contact the respective carriers or service providers directly. Keep in mind that shipping rates can change over time, so it’s essential to stay informed about the most current pricing and shipping details for your specific shipments between Italy and the USA.

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