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English Speaking Geometra in Puglia

Puglia beckons many with the dream of Italian property ownership. However, navigating the intricacies of Italian real estate, particularly for those who don’t speak the language, can be a minefield. This is where a trusted English-speaking geometra becomes your key to a smooth and successful transaction.

Geometra is your trusted local parter

Imagine a professional who combines the expertise of a surveyor, architect, and inspector – that’s a geometra:

“Having a geometra on your team is a big advantage when buying property. The best ones are well-versed in the local area and understand the town’s planning rules. Unlike an Italian real estate agents who only works for specific properties/ sellers, a geometra acts as your independent advisor throughout the entire buying journey.”

Michel Sozzo, geometra in Lecce.

Communication is Key

Having an English-speaking geometra by your side eliminates the communication barriers that can cloud your judgment during such a significant investment. Imagine fully comprehending the details of a technical inspection report or critical discussions with local authorities. This transparency is paramount for informed decision-making.

Let the Italian property search begin

Having your geometra attend a property viewing before purchase, even without formal inspection, can quickly and easily uncover hidden issues that could derail your dream, before the need to enter any formal contract or due diligence. This could include anything from structural problems to potential violations of building codes. They can even delve into land registry records, potentially revealing irregularities that could halt the sale entirely such as problems with Cadestral Compliance. This is especially important because 90% ofthe property you find in the south will not have a certificate of habitability.

Inspect before you buy

The complexities of Italian bureaucracy can be enough to discourage even the most determined buyer. Your geometra, however, can skillfully navigate this labyrinth. They can handle communication with local authorities, ensure all necessary permits are acquired, and meticulously review documentation to avoid any roadblocks.

Make it yours

Your trusted geometra doesn’t disappear after the sale. Their expertise extends to post-purchase renovations. can draft plans, obtain permits, and even oversee the work itself, managing subcontractors like plumbers, electricians, and construction crews.

Over to you

By investing in the guidance of an English-speaking geometra, you can derisk your dream of Italian property ownership into a reality. With their expertise and unwavering support, you can better navigate the intricacies of the buying process while avoiding pitfalls to ensure a secure and successful purchase.

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